Denovali Records is preparing to release yet another gem of electronic music, at least judging by the sheer excellence of the first two Bersarin Quartett records – “Bersarin Quartett” from 2008 and “II” from 2012. The newest offering of Thomas Bücker‘s project is called “III” and will be around in November. According to the label, “III” differs from its predecessors as it “(…) offers a few darker shades and succeeds even further in narrowing down the arrangements to the absolute essentials without loosing the characteristic grandeur of Bücker’s sound”. Statements you can start checking by yourself with “Jeder Gedanke Umsonst Gedacht”, recently premiered by No Fear Of Pop:

“III” will be released by Denovali Records on November the 6th with pre orders starting sometime this month through the label’s website.