A Place To Bury Strangers - "oh no / cool sensations / gong home"
  • Now, picture APTBS doing pop songs. You can’t, do ya?
  • But they’re trying. At least, their own cranky stimulus of pop.
  • All congregated, five songs, on a new 7” called “Kicking Out The Jams”
  • Thing will be out on April 8 on Famous Class.
  • Listen to three tracks from it, read their own words and get ready for their Portuguese gigs this month.

This is our raw, uncut, thought-of-on-the-spot A Place To Bury Strangers. The inspiration is you. You have inspired us to kick you in the ass and make you dance or at least flail your arms around until you puke. These five? tracks were created in five? different locations throughout the world in the middle of the crowd with people breathing down our necks and stepping on our feet. Sometimes someone would grab the microphone away and bark like a chicken and sometimes grab our collective ass. Here is the soul squeezed from the past years of the band’s existence on this platter.