As I pulled into the parking lot I begin to get really anxious and excited. I parked in the same spot I always used too. It was facing a large field across from the Wendy’s parking lot. I was super excited and went to cook the dope up when I noticed some people standing in the field. As I looked up I was able to make them out, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I could see my Aunt and my grandma standing next to each other. I couldn’t grasp why they would be there, so I closed and wiped my eyes only to look and see the same figures there again. I thought about leaving, but I did something I never imagined. I put the dope down, didn’t shoot up and got out of the car. I begin to walk over to my Aunt and Grandma when I noticed many more people. They were standing in two parallel lines facing one another. I could recognize every one of them, I saw my cousin and my friends. I begin walking in between them glancing at everyone as they simply smiled and waved at me like they were expecting me. I passed my Mom, my Dad, my Sisters and even my rehab instructor. At the end I saw three people standing in front of the two lines facing me as if they had been waiting on me for quite some time. It was my best friend Brandon who had killed himself two years ago from meth psychosis, my ex-girlfriend who overdosed and died on heroin four years ago and a dear friend of mine who just died two months previously from a heroin overdose. They were very excited to see me, and I couldn’t help to be so relieved to see them again. I wanted to cry I was so happy. Then Brandon reached his hand out seemingly for me to grab it. Tears in my eyes I unquestionably grabbed his hand, I had been ready for a long time.

  • Ambient / Black Metal / Dark Ambient
  • Signal Rex
  • Feb. 2018