Oh, such an ingenious witty jest we’re pulling here. Not really. “Tired Of Tomorrow”, the newest full-length by the American-Cioran-shoegazers NOTHING is out today on Relapse. A title that turned itself into a Twitter hashtag, being ‘memetized’ in a truly dank way – don’t overlook memes in 2016, as they’re removing all the brakes from a certain presidential candidacy with, as a matter of fact, effective results. The internet is ruling us all and NOTHING knows how to properly use it – emojis included. So, in the era of clickbait content, we asked them to list 10 records they’re still not actually tired of, because internet loves lists, right? Brandon Setta, the lead guitarist, was kind enough to address this proposition and the outcome is here. Check it, while, of course, you listen to the band’s new album.

Nirvana – “In Utero” • 1993

Most likely my favorite record of all time. “Nevermind” was the first record I ever became obsessed with when I was super young. I wanted “In Utero” so badly for so long and my mom got it for my birthday the one year. Probably the only CD I listened to that whole year.

Kurt Vile – “Smoke Ring For My Halo” • 2011

I went into a record store and randomly bought this one day. I only knew a few of his songs at the time. As soon as I put it on it became one of my favorite records. I listened to it constantly on so many tours that everyone in the van would start to get mad at me for putting on such a sad sounding record constantly.

The mamas and the papas – “if you can believe your eyes and ears” • 1966

My dad’s crazy mom used to drive me around in her Buick and run errands all day because I guess that’s what old people do. The whole time she would be blasting the oldies station. I remember always wanting to know who sang “California Dreamin”. I eventually got a greatest hits record and most of the songs were from this one.

The Smiths – “The Smiths” • 1984

I was pretty late getting into this band. I moved out of my hometown and into a loft in Philly that had sheets for walls and 5 other roommates. They would all be listening to The Smiths or Morrissey every day and I wouldn’t be able to escape so I’d just sit there and listen. The first time someone put this record on I realized that they were one of the greatest bands of all time and it all made sense to me then.

Deftones – “white pony” • 2000

I heard the song “Street Carp” in a shitty skateboarding video game I had. I found out who it was and immediately bought this cd. I used to try and play along to the easier songs as a kid. It was the first time I ever tuned my guitar to a dropped tuning or played anything that wasn’t a power chord.

Oasis – “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?” • 1995

I remember being obsessed with the “Champagne Supernova” video when I first saw it. It would come on at my mom’s and I would turn it down really low because of the line about getting high. I discovered a few years later how great this entire record was.

Smashing pumpkins – “mellon collie and the infinite sadness” • 1995

It’s hard to pick a favorite Smashing Pumpkins record but I guess this one means the most to me. My uncle once took me to the record store to buy me any cd I wanted. I picked some awful shit and he would only buy it for me if I promised to listen to this record every day. Probably the best advice I’ve ever gotten.

The national – “high violet” • 2010

I love everything this band has put out starting at “Alligator” but this record stands out to me. I remember the day it came out and listening to it all day in my empty apartment that I was moving out of the next day. On a disgusting couch just watching cockroaches run around. This record was a new level of sad music to me.

The brian Jonestown massacre – “strung out in heaven” • 1998

I used to listen to this band occasionally but wasn’t too into any record in particular. One night I came up to New York and got wasted at my friend Greg’s bar at the time. I was staying on his couch that night so we went there and he put this record on. Something about being so trashed that I couldn’t walk and listening to this record on vinyl at 5 a.m. definitely changed how I felt about this band.

Elliott smith – “either/or” • 1997

A friend showed me “Figure 8” when we were in highschool driving around. I was into a few songs but not too down with the rock vibe of that album. I randomly grabbed this record and “XO” one day and realized what his deal really was. I became pretty obsessed with him for a long time after that.