There’s less than a month to go before one of the most antecipated festivals of 2015, the fifth last edition of the Nidrosian Black Mass, taking place in Brussels at the Atelier 210 on 2 December and the Magasin 4 for the remaining three days of celebration. With the tickets long sold out (they did so in a matter of minutes), the time has come to revel in the awesomeness of the running order:

Wednesday 02/12 (Venue: Atelier 210)
22H25 – 23H25 One Tail, One Head
21H15 – 22H05 Svartidauði
20H10 – 20H55 Drowned
19H05 – 19H50 Misþyrming
18H00 – 18H50 Cult Of Fire
14H30 – [……..] Phurpa
Doors: 14H30
Thursday 03/12  (Venue: Magasin4)
21h15 – 22H00 Urfaust
19H25 – 20H55 Clandestine Blaze / Mgła
18H05 – 19H05 Negative Plane
17H00 – 17H45 Pseudogod
Doors: 16H
Friday 04/12  (Venue: Magasin4)
22H30 – 23H30 Mare feat. Lamia Vox
21H20 – 22H10 Blasphemy
20H15 – 21H05 Archgoat
19H15 – 19H55 Nyogthaeblisz
18H05 – 18H55 Nightbringer
17H00 – 17H45 Bölzer
Doors: 16H
Saturday 05/12  (Venue: Magasin4)
23H30 – [……..] Perturbator
22H15 – 23H15 Dark Sonority feat. Kaosritual songs
20H45 – 21H55 The Ruins Of Beverast
19H15 – 20H25 Lvcifyre
18H05 – 18H55 Aosoth
17H00 – 17H45 Sinmara
Doors: 16H00