Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo way! Dälek are throbbing back on track with Mr. Will Brooks reviving everything with a brand new line-up that includes DJ rEk and Mike Manteca on samples and stuff. Yeah, sounds good, but what’s even better is that they are now on Profound Lore with a full-length scheduled to be released on April 22. It is called “Asphalt For Eden”, and fuck yeah, you can expect some vicious, decadent, urban-depressive hip-hop grandeur to slit oppression’s throat.

Well, amigos, I can’t give you anything but the album’s cover (above) and tracklist right now:

  1. Shattered
  2. Guaranteed Struggle
  3. Masked Laughter (Nothing’s Left)
  4. Critical
  5. 6dB
  6. Control
  7. It Just Is