As the 20th of January approaches, three more names are released into the bill for the forthcoming edition of North Dissonant Voices. Closing the Haeresis Noviomagi cycle/collaboration, Turia‘s black metal ordeal and Paean‘s necromantic drone/noise join the previously confirmed trio Lubbert Das to showcase Nijmegen’s finest offerings to the Dutch underground scene. To wrap the second wave of announcements, Portuguese duo Tendagruta joins in to present its post-industrial soundscapes in one of their rare appearances.

We remind you that NDV will take place in Porto’s Cave 45 during the 20th and 21st of January.

Official band announcements can be seen below.

When done properly, black metal can be an overwhelming experience. This doesn’t necessarily require a wall of sound or an overbearing amount of elements, as the raw conjuration of a simple riff and scream can carry in itself all that is necessary to achieve that ever sought transcendence. It is in this minimalistic setting that Turia operates, with their sound grounded as if within an impressionist canvas ripping itself open through a ritualistic form of expression. After the release of their debut “Dor” last year, the Dutch trio belonging to the Haeresis Noviomagi collective has been honing their craft with a series of mesmerizing live performances.

Turia – “Dor”

No one, inhabiting nowhere. That might very well be the state one attains after beholding a post-industrial session at the hands of Tendagruta. The duo’s torturous sounds conjure ruinous landscapes and forces one to embrace the inherent contradiction between expansive landscapes and the hellish claustrophobia of the ground below, following the best tradition of taking a ritualistic approach to power electronics and post-industrial, as if SPK was the starting point to a trip that goes as far into Deutsche Nepal as it does to Halo Manash.

Tendagruta – “Ensalmo Do Sargaço”

Somewhere between the tonal fascination of drone, noise’s attention to unpleasant details, and the otherworldly evocations of dark ambient, lies the most recent manifestation of Haeresis Noviomagi, Paean. Having recently released their first EP “Bloemfontein”, the mysterious duo is now bound to bring forth their tortuous evocations in a live setting to those willing to lose themselves within.