As we mentioned earlier this week, it is now time to reveal the first two names for the 2017 edition of North Dissonant Voices, with one of them having released a record last year which ended up on our top 30. In fact, we were talking about the only “EP” on said list which had been premiered here a few months before: the second release of Dutch outfit Lubbert Das, “Deluge”. The trio is now set for their Portuguese debut in January, being accompanied in this first batch of names by Portuguese black metal collective Dolentia.

Recall North Dissonant Voices 2017 will take place in Porto’s Cave 45 on January 20 and 21. Read below the band’s photos for the official announcement.

In the eastern Dutch province of Gelderland, a special kind of darkness has been brewing lately. In 2015, a local scene which already bolstered names such as Galg, Fluisteraars and Wederganger got even bleaker through the emergence of the collective known as Haeresis Noviomagi, a truly DIY entity whose constant and varied output of black metal and drone has been a sigh to witness. The first heretic manifestation was “Deluge” by Lubbert Das, a two song EP bringing together raw black metal with punk outbursts, and whose live manifestations can only be described as cathartic nastiness. It is therefore an absolute pleasure to announce that an exclusive Portuguese appearance for the first time by Lubbert Das shall take place in North Dissonant Voices 2017.

Coming from the greater Porto region, Dolentia have been honing their craft with close to a dozen releases in the past twelve years, totalling a respectable two demos, five splits, the last of which released by Altare a few months ago and featuring Finnish trio Serpentfyre, as well as two full-lengths, with 2015’s “Iniciação Eversiva” being the most recent one. Portuguese sung occult black metal which dwells in the old school no bullshit sound of old and whose melodic leanings conjure images which are equal part sorrowful and grandiose. Keeping with the idea behind North Dissonant Voices of giving an expression space to the uncompromising voices of the local underground, it is only fitting to welcome the home grown Dolentia to the second edition of the festival.