NDV 2016: three exclusive songs for stream and ticket information

The first edition of North Dissonant Voices is coming soon and we have some exciting news. Tickets for the festival will be on sale next week on the Bunker Store on the 29th of December and the first 50 to be purchased will be rather special. In fact, they’ll include an extra poster and a C40 cassette with exclusive tracks of some of the performing artists. Below, you can exclusively stream the A side of said tape and check the remaining list of songs to be included.

Side A:
01 – João Pais Filipe – Threshold
02 – Atila – 7 Graus
03 – Vaee Solis – Atila Remix

Side B:
01 – Névoa – Untitled
02 – Memoirs Of A Secret Empire – 1989

Recall North Dissonant Voices 2016 will take place on the 2nd of January in Porto’s Cave 45. Tickets go on sale next Tuesday with the first 50 including the aforementioned extra material. Both special and regular tickets will cost 8€.