If Brodsky is in, things might shift quickly and unexpectedly. What, kid? Haven’t you learned a single thing from Cave In? GTFO, noob. Come back here when you know “Jupiter” by heart and we can have an hour-long conversation about it.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Mutoid Man is stepping on the gas of fun. I do love myself as well some “Helium Head”, with its punk kerfuffles tangled between some bluesy outbursts of genius, yeah. But “Bleeder” takes the whole game to another level, the FUN level, absolutely uncompromised with heavy music’s humorlessness. It’s lightning fast, dynamically a frenzy thanks toBrodsky’s stockpile of riffs and Koller’s infinite supply of tempo variations. Fuck, dude, picture Josh Homme playing double speed, maintaining intact all the coolness, while in the background an eye-popped-out grizzly bear smashes the drums relentlessly, not noticing that his bell-end is starting to show up. Mutoid Man for mutoid scenarios, daydreams of obscene and joy.