Yes, indeed, that is a reference to the quite famous quote by Samuel Johnson: «Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.» But some men do get sick of it. Think Christopher Hitchens. Think Teeth Of The Sea, a London-based troupe that is constantly inquiring for brand new territory and unfamiliar sonic provinces where they land their tinfoil spaceship and turn peoples’ heads inside out. That is what Musicbox can expect this Friday in Lisbon and the same goes for Rivoli in Porto, on Saturday. We’ve asked them to compile a mixtape about the post-industrial evasiveness that cripples Londoners and the results is great. Check it and do not forget to listen to “Highly Deadly Black Tarantula“, please.

Tuning Circuits – “No Compassion”

One of the purest pieces of electronic music I’ve ever heard. Straight into the desk Dutch techno that straddles the line between Sutcliffe Jugend and The Black Dog and makes me want to poison clowns. Clearly made following an extremely bad break up.

Gesloten Cirkel – “Hole”

There’s always been a certain malevolence inherent in the TOTS sound; this track typifies that darker side of dancefloor we currently reside in. A grubby, saturated production that makes me feel like I need to take a shower. Lush.

Sword – “F.T.W. (Follow The Wheel)”

As much as I try to constantly strive for fresh sensation and innovative sonic boundary-destroying, there’s always going to be a lot of ’80s metal on the turntable, and its epic bravura, shred-happy showmanship and mighty melodrama will always excite and inspire. Here’s a dash of true majesty from an under-appreciated Canadian troupe whose main claim to fame was supporting Metallica on the “Master Of Puppets” tour, but who had both the balls to call their debut album ‘Metalized’ and the skills to back this decision up.

Sonny Sharrock – “Many Mansions”

Taken from his phenomenal swansong LP “Ask The Ages” this one goes deep to the very core of your being. Featuring a mouthwatering band comprising Elvin Jones, Pharaoh Sanders, Charnell Moffett and Sharrock himself (as well as Bill Laswell on production duties) this is possibly the standout track on an album that seems to feature nothing but standout tracks. Sharrock‘s solo on this sounds like a fight to the death between good and evil.

Van anthems

Big Business – “Another Fourth Of July…..Ruined”

Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof

Imagine, if you will, 4 grown men air drumming the above pattern in unison repeatedly, like some kind of strange atavistic ritual brought about by a lack of vitamin c, soap and female company. A pretty good window into life on the road with TOTS. This tune is an absolute monster and never fails to deliver the required primal feelgood factor whenever we put it on in the van.

Judee Sill – “Jesus Was A Crossmaker”

For those late night drives to godforsaken travelodges on A-roads just outside Leicester. A soothing balm to ease the hangovers, aching muscles, various ailments and ‘issues’ that may arise over the course of a tour. A song of rare beauty.