What the fucking fuck, I knew these guys were reading themselves to be huge, but not this kind of Nuclear Blast huge, if you know what I mean, right? I wrote this piece of shit paragraph about them after seeing what they did at Temples a couple of months ago:

Mantar? Fucking amazing lads. Not only stellar individuals, but actually the kind of musicians that you enjoy to look at. They deliver. It’s up to you to deal with it, because these two folks will deliver, deliver and… DELIVER. I do have a penchant for groovy acts when I’m on festival’s mood, so Mantar was spot on. They really stand out as being the perfect live act, Hanno’s on the brink of falling over the photo-dudes and Erinc just drenching his bones in sweat. How good that fucking guitar sounds, by the way?

I bet someone on NB’s office thought exactly the same thing and just had to throw them a contract before anyone else did. I guess it’s good for both parts: Mantar will hit wider audiences and Nuclear Blast will finally have something audible to release after all these years, lol. The new album is called “Ode To The Flame” and will be out soon.