Lebenden Toten • “Static!” [12” – Single]
Iron Lung • Punk; Noise • USA • May 2017

“LEBENDEN TOTEN is one of the greatest punk bands to ever exist and this 12min one song e.p. proves they can still do no wrong. When we asked them if they wanted to “get weird” with a single they, albeit very slowly, jumped at the idea. We had no idea what we were in for. It blows the mind all the way open. How do they keep getting better? “Static” is a perfectly wild and superbly crafted sheet of chaotic noise with a pounding goth backbone all jacked up on Hawkwind freakout space jams. Just try and imagine what that sounds like. America’s best band.
Cut and paste artwork with heavy subconscious symbology laced in printed on heavy duty old world 12″ single style top loading sleeves house a Chanel etched 12″ single mostly on black vinyl. There may be a couple migraines in there.”