Pretty much everyone seems to agree on something: 2016 was shittier than a chicken coop and we hope 2017 will be our filthy and sweaty rebound. So nothing like starting the recovery with some early festival endeavours and head up to Porto’s Cave 45 Potugal for some soul wrecking non-harmonies, right? Here’s our little guide to the forthcoming second edition of North Dissonant Voices

The festival itself is turning into one of the staples of Porto’s extreme underground scene, a stage for not only some of the most innovative bands but also the surrounding artistic community. During the course of the festival, a photography exhibition documenting the festival’s first edition will be held at the Louie Louie record store and Cave 45, the venue, will show the “Arts & Prints” exhibition by Daniel Castro Gamelas. On the 21st, Black Mamba – Burgers & Records will be the stage to two comic book presentations starting at 18:00: André Coelho’s «Acedia» and Rudolfo’s «Musclechoo – Side Story Life – 001: Trump Card», curated by Chili Com Carne editions.

Music wise, the festival has grown to welcome foreign bands, hence the need to double the date. The first day is shaped to be a great mini-showcase of Porto’s scene with Tendagruta‘s industrial noir soundscapes, Dolentia‘s raw black metal and the exclusive performance ATILA vs Sinter, where both projects join efforts to create a thrilling blend of dark electronics and unsettling industrial nightmares. From the Haeresis Noviomagi cycle/collaboration, two different interpretations of black metal: Turia‘s black/doom and Lubbert Das‘ punching no-questions-asked approach.

For the second day, we welcome another set of Dutch bands with Gnaw Their Tongues “torture chamber” noise/black and, to close the aforementioned collaboration, Nijmegen’s Paean and their dark drone/noise. Joining them, the mysterious and anonymous Gaerea from Satan-knows-where will offer their black metal to sacrifice in their first ever show while the Spanish DE·TA·US·TO·AS will fog us with their monolithic dark ambient and LVTHN‘s blood splattered visceral black metal will crush us down.

To chill our hearts by the end of each night, Sólveig Matthildur Kristjánsdóttir [Hið myrka man / Kælan Mikla] on the 20th and Pedro Roque [PA’] & Funestus [Invicta Requiem Mass] on the 21st will keep on DJing until the last warrior falls (or sometime around that).

For those without a ticket or in need of some additional convincing (or just looking for  some record digging, drink binging, social meeting), we advise you to visit the Bunker Store on Thursday, the 19th, between 18:00 and 22:00, for the official NDV2017 Meet & Greet, as there are promises of all the mentioned activities and many more.

There are still some NDV ticket cassettes available (with poster and exclusive tote bag also included) at and daily tickets are also available at Bunker Store or at the door. Remember that the festival is limited to only 200 attendees per day and doors open at 21:00. For more info regarding times and more, please check the festival’s facebook page.

Words by Estefânia Silva