Early last year, Kampfar presented its fans with “Djevelmakt”, the closest they’ve recently been to a return to form. With “Profan” the tempo is pushed considerably higher, with a proliferation of blast beats. Nevertheless, the key word is consistency as there’s nothing particularly new in “Profan”, understandably given the nature of the genre they move in and thankfully done with high standards, meaning less uninspired melodies and more simple yet effective riffs on top of which Dolk displays his usual vocal excellence – we can’t really think of many who get close to his level. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to mask a certain feeling of predictability and lack of outstanding riffs. Sure to please the most ardent fans of epic/pagan black metal and definitely well crafted within the restrictions of the genre, specially due to the level of the double closer “Pole In The Ground” and “Tornekratt”. LP