Release date: Sep 2017
Label: Gilead Media / Sibir Records

Press release:

“With Immersion Trench Reverie, the seventh release from Yellow Eyes, the band pushes their delirious sound into new territory.

Recorded to tape in the same Connecticut cabin that was used for Sick With Bloom (and other Yellow Eyes releases), Immersion Trench Reverie brims with a familiar shimmering resonance, but infused throughout is an aura of something else— shortly before the early springtime recording of the album, brothers Will and Sam Skarstad returned home from a month in Siberia, bringing with them field recordings and a new sense of exigency in their songwriting. The result is the most complex, pummeling Yellow Eyes album thus far, framed with the sounds of Siberia in the winter: flat bells, wild dogs, and the close-harmony singing of a town’s women’s choir. And so the hallucinatory melancholy of Yellow Eyes is cast in strange new light.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by the band and features M. Rekevics on drums (Fell Voices, Vanum, Vilkacis, Vorde), Alex DeMaria on bass (Anicon, Obaku), Sam Skarstad on guitar, and Will Skarstad on guitar and vocals (Ustalost, Sanguine Eagle, Vilkacis).

Immersion Trench Reverie will be available in September on LP (Gilead Media) and Tape (Sibir Records.)

Streaming audio and pre-order details will be announced in the coming months. Stay tuned.”