New music has seen the light of day through Nijmegen’s up and coming label Haeresis Noviomagi, with whose members we had the pleasure of chatting when Lubbert Das‘ “Deluge” and Turia‘s “Dor” were released.

This time around, two other projects have released material. Paean, described as an unknown entity by the label brings us not so much of black metal but of asphyxiating drone. The project’s first release consists on a limited edition of 25 tapes and is entitled “Bloemfontein”. Throughout its bleak twenty five minutes of existence, it brings one towards a “Black One” era sort of environment, which to those reading this website should be more than enough of a reference point to preface what actually matters: that which happens when you put on your headphones and press play, right below.

Moreover, the second outing of Iskandr is out after the release of “Heilig Land” (Dutch for “Holy Land”) last June, which you can recall here. The solo venture of O. (of Turia, Lubbert Das and Galg) has just put out it’s successor, entitled “Zon”, and its 55 tapes have already sold out, though the digital record can still be obtained via bandcamp and is definitely worth the listen, if only for the melodies and desperate screams emanating from “De Beelden”, as you can witness below.