Rob knows his shit. Playing drums in the mighty Blind To FaithAcid DeathtripSkullhog and Lifespite, he can teach you a lesson or two about real, savage, nasty old-school hardcore|metal. He has been listening to it for a couple of decades now, before internet was this massive thing, and low-tier punk gigs were not the place for you to show your fashionable, up-to-date mosh moves. This’s a ‘fuck off’ mixtape, twelve examples of rawness and rage, and it follows like this:

LOVE POTION – “Overdose”

A sadly defunct European band that released an absolutely flawless record featuring this face-smasher of a song. Crude, blunt and full blown HC/Punk power. The tracksuit wearing jock cunts could learn a thing or two about how to write a decent HC song from this. No doubt.

ACCEPT DEATH – “I Pray God Fails”

Amongst the flooded scene of hipster Stoner/Doom/Sludge and whatever, this is like finding a golden nugget in a bowl of turds. Massive and genuinely filthy grime that reeks of pure malice. Is it Sludge? Is it primitive Death Metal? Whatever it is, it’s savage and utterly disgusting. Meant for shithole bars and squats where this music was spawned instead of hippie fests like Roadburn in huge Pop venues. Did I mention these are members of FISTULA and HEMDALE? Well, they are.

H100S – “Dismantle”

The other side of the coin when talking about some classic Clevo HC. As much as I love all the Dark Empire stuff, people should get into INMATES and obviously….This band. Blown out and over the top. Flawless.

HELLHAMMER – “Triumph Of Death”

I had to at least pick one song by either CELTIC FROST or HELLHAMMER, so I went with this. One of the most haunting and creepy songs ever written. And let’s face it, if playing VENOM records at the wrong speed is what made you form a band, you can’t go wrong. Total gamechanger.

EAT MY FUKK – “Wet Slit And A Bottle Of Whiskey”

Total GG ALLIN inspired Scumpunk/ Gutterrock brought to you by some of the creeps from AUTOPSY and ABSCESS.

BOULDER – “Kick The Pregnant”

Before Athenar was kicking ass and bringing true Heavy Metal back on the map with MIDNIGHT, he was playing the bass and hurling insults with this pack of mullet whipping maniacs. These guys combined whatever they liked and played it like they meant it. Feel it, fear it. Fucking BOULDER man. Come on.

SOCKEYE – “Buttfuck Your Own Face”

What is there to say about this naughty bunch besides the fact that they are total legends?Absolutely nothing. Poopy Necroponde and Food Fortuna don’t give a single fuck about trends, music or what you think, you pussy!

ARMOUR OF CONTEMPT – “Rats In The walls”

Total degenerate Grind/Power violence brought to you by the rabid drug-infested shitholes of London. I could have picked any other newer UK band, since a lot of good stuff is cooking over there right now, but I was instantly hooked on this. Pure, rabid filth.


Go and do your homework, you windmilling/crowd-killing dorks.


Been jamming this band since the mid 90’s and damn this shit still kills. Eyewatering speed combined with manic vocals. Being labeled as one of the OG bands that made up the Westcoast Powerviolence clique, these guys have more of a straight forward Thrash approach, rather than the typical Powerviolence formula forged by bands like NEANDERTHAL or CROSSED OUT. This sounds more like good old DRI on pcp. Absolute ripper!

CONTAMINATED – “Their Future”

The hardest thing about picking this one is the fact that I love every single band their drummer is involved with. Christoph Winkler is a fucking machine and plays in about 6 equally crushing bands at this very moment. Overall he specializes in ultra fast single kick blastbeats, so most of his bands are just blazing Grind. This is one of his latest projects and is inspired by the old spirits of crushingly heavy Finnish Death Metal. Fuck modern style Death…Only this is real.

WORMRIDDEN – “Reduced To Slime”

Let’s finish this list off with my absolute current Death Metal favourite. A two man project consisting of members from Japan’s ANATOMIA and Denmark’s UNDERGANG. I love “newer” bands like PISSGRAVE, BASTARD PRIEST or BONE SICKNESS, but this shit takes the cake. Hands down. Rejoice!!