After Dolentia, Tendagruta and the Haeresis Noviomagi crew, the 2017 NDV line-up has added three more compelling arguments to come spend two winter nights listening to extreme music in a Porto basement. First, a special performance uniting Atila‘s dark electronics – of whose new record we’ll have news for you later today – with Sinter, the post Sektor 304 industrial project of André Coelho and João Filipe (both members of Mécanosphère, with the latter also a part of the amazing HHY & The Macumbas). The trio has gotten together to craft a special blend of dark electronics and noisy repetitive industrial which will be released and performed specifically for the occasion.

Two other names have been added, Gaerea and DE·TA·US·TO·AS. The former are an elusive new black metal project of unknown origins whose first self-titled EP comes out next week and whose first live presentation will occur at the festival. The last two tracks of this rather interesting debut (think Celeste without the hardcore bits and with a Thomas Ligotti style of nihilism, to be elaborated upon on a later date) are already available here and here, with the second one “Void Of Numbness” coming video piece which might carry strong hints of what to expect visually from the band’s stage performance.

The last addition is DE·TA·US·TO·AS, from Barcelona – where a bit more than a month from now they will be part of Bicefal on a day with the incredible noisy line up of Cut Hands, Gnaw Their Tongues and Trepaneringsritualen, a company that probably tells you quite a lot of what you need to know about the Catalan duo, specially given that their output so far consists on a four-song demo entitled “Plunging Four Knives” and a short live recording by the name of “The Inverted Hall”, all of whom can be found in the band’s bandcamp. Nevertheless, the clearly eastern inspired dark ambient contained in those five tracks is suggestive enough to make us believe that experiencing them live should be intense and eerily uplifting despite all the nastiness.

Recall North Dissonant Voices 2017 takes place in Porto’s Cave 45 on January 20 and 21.