tombstones front SMALL

Having caught them playing three times this year – two at Burning Light and one at Roadburn -, we are well aware of Tombstones‘ mighty doom-dominance. Look no further if you are keen on that kind of heaviness that is both bluesy, slow and powerfully vindictive, pairing Sabbathian horoscopy with Melvins’ appetite for the no-good. The Norwegian trio is now ready to release via Soulseller Records “Vargariis” – their fifth record in nine years. Recorded by Joona Hassinen at Studio Underjod in Sweden’s Norrköping, the album is a self-proving evidence of Tombstones‘ ability to be one of the very best European doom acts.

With immense satisfaction, we are today streaming it in exclusive. Pre-order it as we speak and wait for December 4 for the official release.