Add OCERCO to your list of emerging black metal bands from Portugal. Formed three years ago, the trio so far had one EP under their name (here), “O Homem Esmorece…A Natureza Prevalece” (“Man Fades…Nature Prevails”), which displayed some promise through still rather etched within the typical post black metal world. The world changes and so has their sound, which presents itself in a much uglier, dissonant and focused light in their new EP, “A Desolação” (“The Desolation”), avoiding the usual cliches of WITTR worshipping that have long plagued the genre. Relentless, to the point and fucking furious, here is “A Desolação” in an exclusive stream:

“A Desolação” comes out on Friday, February 5 through Signal Rex in a limited cd edition of 500 copies.