Oh yeah, this is coming out very, very soon and we couldn’t be more stoked about it. The infernal union of British misanthropes Dragged Into Sunlight and Dutch provider of noisy black metal Gnaw Their Tongues is about to unleash its filth upon the world by way of “NV”, of which Noisey is now streaming the lovely “Omniscienza”, which you should definitely check out. If that ain’t enough, recall that “Visceral Repulsion”, the first track of “NV”, is already out there. Just in case, we’re adding it below for your streaming pleasure (or discomfort, not that we care):

“NV” comes out on next week, appropriately on Friday, 13 November. If you want to catch both Dragged Into Sunlight and Gnaw Their Tongues live together, and we can’t honestly think of a good reason why not, then January and February are the months to do so in the following places:

15th The Brudenell, Leeds, UK
16th Kuudes Linja, Helsinki, FI
17th Vulkan Arena, Oslo, NO

12th Borderline, London, UK
13th Het Bos, Antwerp, BE
14th Patronaat, Haarlem, NL

 Note that the Antwerp date will also include two of the finest collectives amongst Dutch black metal in Terzij De Horde and Laster.