Lee Dorrian is turning his Roadburn curatorship endeavor into something biblical. Doing the unexpected, he has already convinced G.I.S.M. to fly out of Japan for the first time ever, and now the former Cathedral frontman promptly announces a unique Diamanda Galás performance on April 15, called “Death Will Come And Have Your Eyes”.

Curator Lee Dorrian comments: “Words like ‘dark’ seem like trivial words to use when describing her music but she is undoubtedly both of those things at the most extreme level. When Cathedral were working on Forest of Equilibrium, her records were a lurking soundtrack to the anxieties we faced and the darkness we were aiming for. No one has ever really captured the true spirit of epic, operatic darkness as she: she is the true master of the art.”

Roadburn 2016 - Diamanda Galas

She will also screen “Schrei 27”, her newest film project, on April 16, for a Het Patronaat which will be momentarily turned into a seated venue – all followed by a Q&A with Diamanda herself. More info about it here.

Invited as well by Lee Dorrian is Russell Haswell. The multi-disciplinary artist, jack-of-all-trades-master-of-them-all when it comes to digital proficiency, is set to obliterate Tilburg with tide winds of entropy, one after another. Highly regarded by the likes of MerzbowEarth or Aphex Twin, the British inventor is playing Het Patronaat on April 16.

To wrap it up, expect some Paris filthy sludge on the festival’s very first day, when Hangman’s Chair [band with folks from the mighty heavy Arkangel] slit everyone’s minds with southern nastiness. Two days later, on Saturday, the farmer guys in Lugubrum briefly travel from to Belgium to Tilburg in order to showcase their rather singular approach to black metal – spin their latest split with Urfaust, by the way, in case you haven’t already.

Daily tickets for Roadburn will go on sale tomorrow at 7pm CET on Ticketmaster. Check our Roadburn section for further info.