Yeah, the title’s a Latin noun, so it’s a serious fucking affair, huh? Every week, we’ll publish the best stuff we’ve been listening so far in 2020.

Dodenbezweerder – “Vrees de Toorn van de Wezens Verscholen Achter Majestueuze Vleugels”
[Iron Bonehead Փ Raw black metal]

I stopped counting Maurice‘s projects. If the guy from Gnaw Their Tongues or Cloak of Altering hasn’t convinced you by now, I’m sorry for you. For the long converted, take another ointment: Dodenbezweerder. Raw black metal, some synth game involved, debut LP. A one-way ticket to hell. We don’t accept complaints from disgruntled suckers.

Somme – “Somme”
[Death Kult Productions Փ Raw black metal]

Rotten black metal in memory of the bodies that sank in muddy trenches, with their guts exposed to meat-hungry rats. Fleas, lice, dysentery, 24/7 artillery – welcome to the 20th century. First record of these Finnish incognitoes. Enjoy the process of putrefaction.

Controlled Death – “Beautiful Decomposition”
[Total Black Փ Noise]

If you like noise, but your fluffy ear canals can’t last long without you starting bleeding down your neck, this seven-inch might be for you. Ten tracks, ten minutes. You may not even know this Controlled Death entity. But what about Masonna? Yeah, it’s the same guy, so go ahead.

Evan Caminiti – “Varispeed Hydra”
[Dust Editions Փ Ambient – Glitch]

We’ve known Evan for over a decade. We’ve seen Barn Owl live a number of times and it’s not surprising that in his solo version this man has become one of the most interesting creators of ambient music today. If you’re looking for a good record for social distancing while clinging to canned tuna and the longing to travel in Ryanair, here you have it. The glitch part saved for last is just delicious.

Paw Grabowski – “Støvets Vandring Gennem En Solstråle”
[Janushoved Փ Ambient]

As soon as I heard the first minutes of this album, with the acoustic guitar sunk into an echoing cave, I remembered one of my favorite 2019 ambient records: “Hendes Bregneøjne” by øjeRum. I checked it out and, guess what, both projects are done by the same person, just different alter-egos. It’s Paw Grabowski‘s second-length in months, again by Janushoved, and another lesson on how to make remarkable and engulfing ambient music.

Vladislav Delay – “Rakka”
[Cosmo Rhythmatic Փ Glitch – IDM]

Fucking Vladislav Delay finally released his first real album since 2014. “Rakka” is intense, noisy and a great answer for those jabronis who ask you “so, what are you usually listening to?”. Show them this album and have fun while they try to pull out their canines with a pair of pliers. The anti-small talk record. And probably the best the Finn has ever released.

Muro – “Pacificar”
[Adult Crash / Beach Impediment Փ Hardcore Punk]

New session of ‘hardcore punk attack’. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but Colombian necktie now means Muro records. Instead of lacerating other people’s throats with razors and shit, the trick is to let these guys out on the street and let the blood of progress build up until it starts flowing through the public gutters and taps. Could it have been released in the 80s? Yes. Does it work these days? Yes. Does it do the opposite of the verb in the title? Yes.