Cloak Of Altering - "Manifestation"
7.5Crucial Blast

This can only be work of nerd, a colossal one whom we know deeply, since only a cyclopean geek would put his spare time into alternate dimensions, otherworldly realities, sniffing out for neptunium-technological patterns while not giving in a single one millimeter to reality randomness. Would you purge your soul to code? Would you submit your compassion to cybernetics? Would you trade «love one another» for the cryptic stamps of event horizon? Would you concede your limbs to be crushed and gorged by spacetime’s orgastic inconsiderateness? Mories would as Cloak Of Altering glances the futuristic element as being violent, predatory and too much for the human body to bear. Cloak Of Altering is an apocalyptic work of life-extinction, bit[beat] after bit[beat]. Give it your hand and stop waiting for Deathspell Omega[GMC]