There are not a lot of bands with a sound as unique and hard to categorize as Circle Of Ouroborus. Yeah, they started as raw black metal and we’ll always think of them within the fringes of the genre, same we do with so many others. If you indulged yourself in last year’s incredible offering of “Kuuhun Kahlittu” (if not, fucking do so), then this combination of psychedelic-yet-raw black metal tracks with fully acoustic ones is not an alien one, although here they have different roles. The first side following closely its predecessor (not as good, but then again almost nothing out there is), it is on the acoustic side that lies the biggest change as the songs don’t feel like interludes anymore, and withing their stark minimalism manage to achieve levels of remarkable beauty. All this while retaining the band’s characteristic sound with only small drops of neofolk spread here and there. Undoubtedly one of the most intriguing projects of our times.