Cavernlight • “As We Cup Our Hands And Drink From The Stream Of Our Ache””
Gilead Media • Doom • USA • Jun 2017

“There lies a dark secret deep inside some of the people you meet throughout your life. An illness, a prevailing shadow, or a past of regretful choices. Despite the facade constructed to hide these truths, there is a malaise that takes hold and controls the underlying intent for that person’s actions. This is the Stream of Ache. This is the energy that drives one’s actions although its source is a place where nothing nourishes.

Cavernlight was born from this stream, covered in the mire that lies at its bed.


With guest appearances specifically chosen to help achieve the dynamic intent of the album, these guests include:

Rachel N. (vocals, from False)
Sarah Green (vocals and cello)
Michael Paparo (vocals, from Inter Arma).”