Ten days later, and forty days after Arnold’s death, the villagers, advised by their hadnack who had witnessed such events before, opened his grave.

They saw that the corpse was undecomposed with all the indications of an arch-vampire. His veins were replete with fluid-blood “and that fresh blood had flowed from his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears; that the shirt, the covering, and the coffin were completely bloody; that the old nails on his hands and feet, along with the skin, had fallen off, and that new ones had grown”. Further, “his body was red, his hair, nails and beard had all grown again. Concluding that Paole was indeed a vampire, they drove a stake through his heart, to which he reacted by frightful shriek as if he were alive, groaning and bleeding, and burned the body. That done, they cut off his head and burnt the whole body.

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