“Charles Budd Robinson, a Canadian botanist and explorer whose death on 5 December 1913 may have been caused by linguistic confusion, as he was known to speak the local language quite poorly. The Malay word for coconut, “kelapa” may have been confused with “kepala”, the word for “head”. If Robinson asked the boy to cut, “potong”, down a coconut it may have been mispronounced and heard as a threat to cut off someones head. There was a local myth of a werewolf-like decapitator called a “potong kepala” and he was mistaken for one.”

Headless Horseman – “Widow’s Peak” [“47009” Փ 47 Փ 2017]

Terence Fixmer – “Shout In A Black Hole” [“Through The Cortex” Փ Ostgut Ton Փ 2018]

Silent Servant – “Murder Murder” [“The Silent Morning” Փ Sandwell District Փ 2006]

Ulwhednar – “Through Gates Of Ice” [“Razor Mesh Fencing” Փ Northern Electronics Փ 2019]

Polar Inertia – “Hell Frozen Over” [“Kinematic Optics” Փ Dement3d Records Փ 2015]