Spontaneous combustion could be a proper depiction of Mantar‘s attitude if, one, I was a creative writer and, two, I was actually trying to impress you with some buzz words. Well, Mantar, thank god, does not need my tamed skills to impress you, they do that very well all by themselves. They’ve impressed me, you, audiences and Nuclear Blast. Yes. And now a new album is due. April 16 – “Ode To The Flame” is going to burn us at the stake.

“Actually we discussed the possibility of having no cover at all. We kinda liked the idea of boycotting the need of any so called “art” which bands try to get people’s attention with. The theme of the record is so one-dimensional and obvious that we decided to skip artwork and just put the title on the record to make it look more like an old book. A manifest, a challenge. We don’t want people to speculate about any meaning. The meaning is clear: kill, destroy, fuck shit up.”

01. Carnal Rising
02. Praise The Plague
03. Era Borealis
04. The Hint
05. Born Reversed
06. Oz
07. I, Omen
08. Cross The Cross
09. Schwanenstein
10. Sundowning