A Pregnant Light – “All Saints’ Day” • Colloquial Sound Recordings // EP
Black metal

There is no justice in this world whatsoever until Damian Master gets his uncommon writing ability broadly recognized. Colloquial Sound Recordings‘ patron saint proves once more his black metal wisdom with a 4-track EP, written and recorded in just one day. capable of giving A Pregnant Light – Master‘s most personal endeavor – a cruder and threatening touch. At times, we even feel Urfaust‘s feudal spectre hovering around. Brilliant. EP

Bersarin Quartett – “III” • Denovali

Let there be no question, Thomas Bücker is a brilliant composer. His third record as Bersarin Quartett retains the subtlety and intricacy of composition of his previous efforts, while the focus on a particular feeling in its different facets – melancholy – brings a change to the cinematic feeling of the songs. Definitely a record to be progressively discovered over time, as our repeated listening sessions this week always seem to reveal new elements and we’re sure there are much more yet to come. LP

Caput Mortuum – “Cult Of Doom” • Self-released // EP
Electronic | Black Metal

Another project of Mories might beg the question: does it bring anything new with respect to his other outputs? The answer is yes. The three songs in Caput Mortuum‘s debut EP “Cult Of Doom” bring a sort of electro black metal the likes of which you cannot yet find on his discography or elsewhere for that matter. You know how that cover looks like an old school low-bit video game? “Cult Of Doom” would be a perfect soundtrack for some horror sci-fi game. We’d definitely play it. LP

Daniel Menche And Mamiffer – “Crater” • SIGE

For years, we’ve been following both Aaron Turner and Faith Collocia‘s work. In Mamiffer, they have their own shapeless haven to explore, pursuit and delve into foreign, undeveloped territory; sometimes pastoral, others perilous and unpredictable. For this record, Daniel Menche is their new-found nomad but he acts not exactly as a counterbalance, a safety net or a conservator, but as a trustworthy pathfinder, a man who knows his improv craft, giving Mamiffer a wider range to seek and operate. EP

GraveCoven – Demo • Self-released

This road I walk on stretches itself amidst two-storey buildings. It rains almost every single day, but I’m now used to it. And the gusts of cold wind, the prismatic northern sea that roars as soon as October dawns; I’m used to them. Accostumated. Winter as a tomb, desolated, an impending doom upon Aberdeen ancient tugboats. An impending doom. An impending doom, an impending death… GMC

Khmer & Livstid – Split • Halo Of Flies
Crust | Neocrust

Fuck yes, man, sometimes you need bands like Khmer so you can throw them into your friends’ faces who are always blabbing about how punks cannot play their instruments and how symphonic/progressive is the ultimate jewelry of rock, where all noble minds conglomerate as if they are some Neoplatonists fighting for the greater truth. Meeeeeeeh. In this split, Khmer proves that an intrinsic punk crew can produce an 11-minute song packed with momentum and nasty downshifts. Then you have Livstid, raw as fuck, crusty like a body found dead for 15 days in a warm sealed basement. Uh. PS

Masses & Death Church – Split • Lost In Fog
Post-punk | Deathrock

Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me… Bollocks. My ability to dream, to subconsciously project a halo, a mythological landscape of freedom, has been amputated, terminally obliterated by my own self. I’m a chained slave to permafrost of shrapnel, a bloated larva-wound that has been eating me since day one for which I have got no escape or some deeper understanding but foggy rock of death. Have one for yourself, boy. GMC

Reptiloids – “Чернозем” • Self-released
Hardcore punk | D-beat

Moscow, Soviet Union, October 1965, Zaryadye district. There is this large building being raised from absolute zero, an ascending brilliance conducted by the hands of alchemy, stonemasonry & molten steel hybridizing what could be initially described as gray politics for the future. It will cast fire, it will turn to dust, as nothing lasts or endures sequential erosion. For every pompous archduke a tight punk noose, pretty please. GMC

Teeth Of The Sea – “High Deadly Black Tarantula” • Rocket
Psychedelic | Experimental

The sound for ancient metropoleis or a post-modern installation for the future. This record embalms a dichotomy between old and new, alpha and omega, a recent-emitted birth certificate and a dystopian cenotaph. It is cinematic in the same way as it is non-fashionable, an enlightened absolutism chest-pumping, chanting loudly for freedom. Globe amaranths, tamed elephants and synthesizers lecturing the universal gamut. PS

VVOVNDS – “The Descending Flesh” • Hypertension
Hardcore punk 

How can we even find comfort in theodicy? Evilness manifests itself through us, human beings, in every single moment. There’s a unsighted cave in all of our chests, dark and barbaric, challenging us to betray, to kill and to rape innocence. VVOVNDS channel that cage by the agency of some ruthless hardcore punk, as primitive as our instincts are, all fucking rude and all fucking miserable. Youth Attack would be proud of this debut LP. PS