Pig DNA – “Mob Shity” • La Vida Es Un Mus
Noise | Punk

This permanent cacophony in the news induces vomit. They’re trying to scare us, making us a believe in this laughable dichotomy between good and evil, pretending that the latter is living within our cities, our departments, our buildings, generating monstrous shipments of fear, raising brick by brick a securitarian-totalitarian-authoritarian global power which will promptly discharge us into a cell if we act non-accordingly; no proof needed, coppers robbing your dignity, your privacy, violating every sense of ‘justice’. There is no fucking justice and to fascist noise we must respond with self-ruling noise, slaughter the pigs cause they’re coming bigger, smellier than they ever be. Listen to Pig DNA as a libertarian manual, get ready for guerrilla, fight. [GMC]

Svffer – “Empathist” • Vendetta
Hardcore punk | Crust

Humanizing through dehumanization, finding empathy through harshness – that’s what “Empathist” is all about. Piercing, compulsively gashing its own skin to be aware of this collective numbness that is affecting us all. Svffer practices self-mutilation for society’s awakening, unfurling a grotesque rendition of barbarous hardcore punk – even more volatile, more straightforward than the one we found in “Lies We Live”. Things are far from good and you can sense the desperation in Leonie Marie‘s cutting vocals.  [EP]

Teen Cutter – “Worthless / Nobody Knows” • Defiled Light
Harsh Noise

«A need to move around in a world full of secret meanings, where I cannot look at a window, a tree or a cabinet door without a great deal of anguish. Neither of us did anything (or very little) to organize the world around ourselves. It simply appeared in place as the fog lifted little by little. It depended on disaster no more than it did on dreams, because a man who desires beauty for what it is will never enter into the world. Insanity, asceticism, hatred, anguish and the domination of fear are all necessary; one must have so much love that even on its threshold, death appears ludicrous. A window, a tree, a cabinet door are nothing if they cannot bear witness to movement and to heart-rending destruction.» [GB]

The Comet Is Coming – “Prophecy” • The Leaf Label // EP
Jazz | Cosmic

Oh fuck me, mate, as much as I loathe London for every commute that I daily endure, only in a city like this it would be possible to find something as triumphantly good as The Comet Is Coming. Incorporeally cosmic, (un)molecular, exhilarating and absorbingly malleable, this “Prophecy” EP smells good like something new always does, being both futuristic and tribalistic ancestral. If only this towering metropole could become, for a single night, a plateau for Precambrian surrealism and multi-galactical dancing transcendence, The Comet Is Coming would be the soundtrack I am sure. [PS] 

Total Abuse – “Excluded” • Deranged
Hardcore punk

BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERGHHHHHH. These longs nights of loneliness and whiskey-bloated-stomach urges the convulsive puking, spraying my bathroom walls with an opaque worn-out-green mixture of blood, bile, gastric juice and spit. I want to flush my own head in the toilet, cut my own lips, slash my own cock and feed my neighbor’s retriever with it. End up all anonymous sex tales, this private bacteriological war that happens between sheets, an armageddon of fucking, whoring and soul killing. But then again maybe I enjoy it, that’s my own total abuse, my self-perception of decay, punk… I’m already dead. [PS]

Wailin Storms – “One Foot In The Flesh Grave” • Magic Bullet
Blues • Post-punk

Music industry these days is so immediate, so anxious, following altogether what is trending and what is more suitable for an elusive, decentralized target. Popular is no longer a matter of months, but days and hours. The attention span has decreased dramatically and good records like “One Foot In The Flesh Grave” will end up being unfairly pulverized by those who are already penning down some pointless, random end-of-the-year lists. Wailin Storms should be hailed because it is great music: perpetrating an aura of rebellious sadness while channeling long-gone haunted spirits of Southern delta blues, so that they can all morph into a vibrant, dissonant workstation of post-punk tonality. The old and the new brilliantly evoked by Justin Storms in a debut LP that will make any Wovenhand devotee hooked for a long time. [EP]

EP • Emanuel Pereira
GB • Georges Bataille

GMC • Gonçalo Meller Cohen
PS • Pedro Santos