Akitsa - "Grands tyrans"
8Hospital Productions

What considerations might we make about a project that, ultimately, has distinguished itself from its own milieu with an absolute underground original stance? If any, is that Akitsa remains as real, rendering the truth palpable since 1999 without ceding one inch in what O.T. believes is the proper path. Akitsa, for those unaware, gave the Quebec a black metal scene without actually being part of it. Black metal vicissitudes?  It might be, however, the project soon revealed that it was much akin to Europe, releasing a split with Satanic Warmaster in 2004 and actually embodying the Nordic ethos – Sangue Nordique? – of lo-fi worship and misanthropic posture. Akitsa is no different than any of us who daily feels misplaced and does not feel any major bond with the city we were born and live in. Thus mentioning a Quebecois scene with this project as its progenitor would be… risky.

Akitsa has been on its own singular aisle of rawness solitude, almost militantly.  “Grands tyrans” does not, as expected, genuflect before anything different, avoiding the inclusion of any in voguepost elements. The absorbing guitar patterns are not capricious for those who’ve been listening to O.T.’s for a long time, as the same happens with the pan-psychic basic drums, yet more than adequate for Akitsa’s ultimate goal of delivering something rather unique while protecting its ancestors’ souls. The track “Chimères”, proving once again how distinctive O.T.’s clean vocals really are, maintains the raw elements unscathed while touching the soil of what one might call garage rock. Not compromising, not forfeiting, adding. “Grand tyrans”, without self-pampering, proves that remaining faithful to one’s black metal roots does not mean an immediate and everlasting creative stalemate. That is the virtue of Akitsa, a band that remains loyal.