There’s this motto from Iron Lung Records that says it all: «We know what we like and what we don’t like».

Born seven years ago in Portugal, the now bilingual Ponto Alternativo never aimed to be more than a free and absolutely independent outlet for the mind. Sharing this engulfing devotion for honest music, all of those who have contributed since 2008, in one way or another, were and are driven by the autonomy of thought.

To consider ourselves critics would be whimsical at best. We are conscious of our limitations, of how shallow most concepts we use are and how linguistics plays a key, yet unseen, role. If writing is a trade, we try to be its practitioners – applying it to our beloved art of music. What we write has no theorical value, it is merely a stream of conscious; sometimes rational and quiet, sometimes incoherent and wild – just like most of our favorite records. There’s no unconditional pattern we revere to but one: we either like what we hear or we don’t.

Don’t expect us to follow what is trending or to vacuously digest press releases in a countless number. We are picky. We sniff around like an impulsive hound. Sooner or later, if we think you are good, we will be onto you. No matter if you’re Portuguese, American, Samoan – Ponto Alternativo is, more than it ever was, beyond territory.